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Thursday 4th June 2020. 

We are now day 72 into lockdown and although this is being eased, our priorities continue to be looking after our families, employees and clients.  We are continually monitoring and following Government  & NHS guidance, ensuring that all of our employees receive regular updates and that their wellbeing is positively monitored.  With the launch of the Governments new Track and Trace system on 28th May, we are encouraging our employees to participate, after all it is a way that we can all demonstrate our commitment to helping move out of lockdown and back to a much more normal way of life.
As a business we have a mixed workforce.  Where people can work from home they are continuing to do so very successfully, enabling the support that we offer to our clients to continue at the high level that they are used to without exception.  It is likely that we will continue to encourage this especially where we have a lot of employees with families who want to do the right thing by their children when it comes to them going back to school.  Simply put the lockdown has demonstrated the extent to which our employees can continue to do their jobs to the best of their ability.  Where our staff have been unable to work from home they have been trained to continue to work in their usual environment safely, as a business we have undertaken risk assessments and where necessary made changes to our process and procedures. 
We are in a privileged position of having a product portfolio that covers many of the requirements to support remote working.  Should you feel that this is also going to continue for you and you would like our support with the solutions and technologies that enable a successful and effective remote workforce then please speak to us.  We can show you how ……the best way, our own business is a testament to it. 
This will be a positive financial ‘gain’ for your business in addition to being an operational efficiency gain.  To ensure that we can support our clients at the very highest level, we have trained our account managers and customer success teams on all the elements of our wider portfolio of products so that they can make positive suggestions to assist in your planning process across all areas of your business, print, telephony, tech, physical office access security, physical office layout, furniture, signage and safe working practices…. Just ask us how….we want to support you as our very valued clients.
Operationally we are continuing to closely monitor our business and we can see real positive shoots of growth.  35% of devices are now being used and the volumes generated from these is showing an upwardly consistent trend daily.  This, we believe shows us that our customers are starting to return to their usual environments.  We are also speaking to clients who are starting to plan to return to their usual environments, albeit that it may be in a more unusual way.  
As a business I am pleased to say that we have been un-furloughing staff continuously over the past three weeks to ensure that the increase in our clients business activities is efficiently executed. To ensure that we can look after our workforce and to reassure all of our clients we have trained each and every employee within our business rolling out a programme Covid-19 awareness training, on successful completion of the course individuals are awarded with a certificate, sight of which can be requested by our clients.
Times have been challenging both in business and personally for all and they continue to be so, I would like to offer my personal gratitude to you all for your consistent support and in return as a business we want to reassure you that we are here to support you in return…. The journey is far less lonely if we support each other Stay Safe, Keep your Families Safe and together we will all help in the road to Economic rejuvenation.

My very best wishes & stay safe,
Barry Matthews
Chief Executive Officer

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