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7th February 2019.

Brexit Statement.

Ethos is determined to embrace the challenges of ‘Brexit’ and to ensure we are best placed to continue to provide all of our customers with outstanding Managed Print and IT Services. In particular, we aim to achieve the maximum degree of business resilience in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. In order to ensure that our business remains sustainable, we have initiated a range of risk mitigation actions designed to deliver the best possible outcome as the UK leaves the European Union.   

  • We have undertaken and continue to undertake a review of our supply chain to mitigate the impact of any major changes following ‘Brexit’ and to identify and put in place any refinements to our processes that are necessary.  
  • Through continued dialogue with our key vendor partners we have received reassurances that they are themselves properly prepared for ‘Brexit’. 

  • Ethos is not critically dependent on non-UK nationals in its workforce, but steps are being taken nevertheless to mitigate any potential risks stemming from the EU citizenship of any members of our staff.    

We are confident that we are doing as much as possible to ensure that we  continue to offer a first- class service after the UK leaves the European Union.

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