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9th October 2018.

Go Team Elmo! Charity Ball raises over £50,000.

We sponsored the Go Team Elmo! Charity Ball that took place on Saturday 6th October.

The organisers of Elmo's ball had just two goals in mind when planning the event:

  1. To get Elmo back to America for treatment
  2. To make sure everyone had a great time doing just that!

Despite the general consensus being that the £20,000 they raised at last year's ball was unheard of for such a tiny campaign and probably couldn't be achieved again, this year the fundraising total from Elmo's ball & Auction was a whopping £57,300!

It almost goes without saying we are AMAZED, overwhelmed, overjoyed and so very humbled by the generosity of you all... we will have to pinch ourselves for the next month solid to believe what we have achieved together.

Elmo has spent more time in hospital during his life so far than some people will in their entire lives. Although he has come very far from where he started, Go Team Elmo! continually fundraise to try and provide him with the things he will need in order to develop to his full potential.

To find out more about Elmo's story and how the proceeds will improve his quality of life, please visit the Go Team Elmo! Facebook page.

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