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LED Lighting.

Your business can cut its electricity costs on lighting and reduce maintenance, as well as its carbon footprint, by switching to an LED solution.

Energy-efficient LED fitments are cost-effective alternative to conventional incandescent or fluorescent installations. Lasting up to 50 times longer and delivering high quality light from the moment they are switched on, LED bulb technology has advanced to offer solutions in most commercial environments.

Take advantage of our FREE LED Lighting Audit and reap business benefits such as...

> Minimum 70% energy saving on lighting.

> Long lasting, low maintenance.

> 96% less heat generation reduces air-conditioning requirement. 

> Durability to jarring and bumping.

> Mercury-free manufacture. 




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How will switching to LED save me money?

Cost savings are down to these two simple factors:

  1. LEDs require much less electricity to power than both traditional incandescent and halogen light bulbs, and energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs).
  2. They last much longer than their incandescent, halogen and CFL equivalents.

Help save the environment

The environment needs help. With global warming increasing each year it leads to ice caps melting which increases sea levels. This is where Walters can help you. Walters have a vast knowledge in LED Lighting and now want to help your business become more energy efficient. 

  • Reduce consumption by 60-90%. 
  • Projected lifetime of 50,000 hours. 
  • Durability to jarring and bumping. 
  • Mercury-free manufacture. 
  • 96% less heat generation. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electric vehicles are the car of the future.

We can provide Electric Vehicle Charging Points helping to future-proof your business.

News & Case Studies

Read how our customers benefit from a LED Lighting Solution. 

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