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Elevating Sustainable Workspace

In design and solutions, introducing sustainability-focused furniture is not merely an option—it’s imperative. Walters, already a leader in the supply of high-quality office interiors, is proud to have the ability to supply products from Senator, an industry leader committed to sustainability and innovation. Walters relationship with Senator has continued to succeed for over 35 + years and we’re proud to partner with such a forward thinking UK manufacturer.

Senator, founded in 1976, has consistently produced furniture that combines aesthetic refinement, functional utility, and a strong emphasis on ecological responsibility. A prime example is their Densiti seating solution, an exemplar of minimalist design with maximalist functionality. Designed for comfort and utility, it’s an ideal fit for an array of environments, from corporate settings to educational institutions.

As part of the Ethos Group, Walters is deeply committed to partnering with award-winning sustainable producers to deliver products that meet the exacting requirements of today’s conscientious enterprises. Our portfolio of partner products carries FSC and Vegan Society certifications, and their sustainability efforts have led to remarkable achievements:

  • Elimination of over 315,000 kg of plastic from the supply chain
  • Conservation of over 231,000 trees
  • Prevention of over 18,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of freshwater usage by 73%

Walters and Senator provide your workspace with a uniquely compelling value proposition. When you furnish your workspaces with Senator products supplied by Walters, you invest in innovative design and comfort and align your brand with sustainable practices that resonate with modern values.

Walters is pleased to extend this opportunity to its valued customer base, inviting you to partake in this sustainable initiative.

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