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Hygiene & Cleaning

compliance driven quality & assurance

We have hand-picked market-leading partners to deliver our professional hygiene and cleaning solutions for our customers. In such a compliance-driven manufacturing and processing market, quality and assurance of product compliance are paramount. There is no margin for error. We give our customers the tools, know-how and confidence to meet food safety requirements and always be audit-ready.

we add value to
the food chain

From farm to fork, our products improve the food value chain and help protect consumers worldwide.

Our solutions improve food and farm processes, ensuring better quality through enhanced safety.

inventing a food
safe world

Recycled disposable paper products and distributors of quality cleaning and hygiene solutions.

Premium disposable recycled paper products
Huge range of paper rolls, towels, and sheet products

Centre feeds, hand towels, toilet tissues, wiping rolls, hygiene rolls, facial tissues, and non-wovens.

cleaning chemicals

Choose from 100’s available products, including beer line cleaning, glass washing, floor care, washroom consumables, hygiene management, etc.


High-quality skincare and hygiene solutions include washroom soaps, on-site skincare management systems, viral plus sanitisers that are covid 19 beating, and more.

& hardware

A comprehensive range of skincare and paper hygiene product dispensers, including own-brand options for volume sales.

Mops, buckets, cloths, brushes, brooms, sponges, wringers, you name it, we stock it.

waste management

More robust, thinner and lighter bags. Waste bins and specialist kits.

Protective equipment, including vinyl gloves and money-saving vinyl glove alternatives.


We’re not just an equipment supplier.  We’re committed to a responsible future where everyone can thrive – spearheaded by our Future First initiative.

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