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Local Housing Association

Housing Association

Cleaning Supplies Solution

Walters regularly partners with housing associations, therefore, was well-versed when asked to supply the entire stock of cleaning products for the customer.

The customer wanted to reduce suppliers and find an alternative, sustainable solution to decrease the amount of cleaning product used.

“Walters endeavours to go the extra mile for its customers, to save time and reduce costs day in, day out.”

The Solution

The customer’s brief was to lower overall product usage amongst its staff teams. Walters analysed the current marketplace and advised a range of concentrated, sustainable products.

The solution was super concentrated bleach, which reduced cost and waste, as well as delivery and restock time.

While looking for a suitable alternative for the client, Walters noticed that the cloths the customer used had risen by 50% since the inception of their contract.  Walters switched the cloths for a more affordable alternative.

Walters endeavours to go the extra mile for its customers, to save time and reduce costs day in, day out.

  • 1

    Reduced Costs

    A relationship with Walters doesn't end after signing the contract. The team is with the customer for the duration of the partnership, constantly reviewing and recommending lower-cost items.

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    Sustainable Impacts

    Swapping to a higher concentrated bleach reduced overall product usage, resulting in a more responsible, sustainable approach.

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    Every Step of the Way

    Walters is committed to supporting its customers throughout the lifecycle of their relationship. Through ongoing account reviews, Walters can quickly and easily assess and rectify problems.

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